Cloud-Native Products Revolutionize Your Opportunity-to-Cash Business Operations.  

Is Your Business Operations Ready for a Lean and Agile Model ?


Nurego is a business operations (BizOps) and monetization solution

for cloud-native products with subscription revenue models


We’re helping industrial and technology companies, 

who are transitioning to or adding cloud-native products to their existing portfolio,

manage and monetize the unique characteristics of operating subscription businesses

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Nurego BizOPs is fully integrated with existing opportunity-to-cash systems,

requiring no developer resources to rollout, test, scale,

and enabling dynamic and opportunistic business models

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 “Nurego enables business model innovation that complements the advanced Platform-as-a-Service capabilities in Predix. “

Gytis Barzdukas, Head of Product Management, Predix, GE Digital

Nurego BizOps:

Lean and Agile Subscription Business Operations

From Product Launch to Cash

Business Model Innovation

Accelerate time to value & time to market

Quickly react to customer, competitive and market shifts, without requiring a team of developers

Manage the financial risk of your rollouts to maximize revenue and retention opportunities

Automated Business Operations

Enable quick response to acquire and retain customers

Maximize Customer Life Time Value  (CLTV)

Leverage engagement analytics for customer retention using existing marketing automation and CRM systems

Agile Monetization

Leverage business performance analytics to optimize offerings and costs for your segments and distribution channels and grow your business

Smooth integration and seamless BizOps orchestration across existing marketing, CRM, ERP, and Service Ops

“By 2020, 33% of the highest performing enterprises will compete based on hundreds of business models rather than just one.”