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Is your Subscription Business Optimized?

  • Is every subscriber profitable?
  • Does every feature make you money?
  • How many engineers and meetings does it take for you to find out and do something about it?

About Us

Subscription business models are complex and highly sensitive to a wide variety of variables — service features, subscription terms, price plans and customer engagement processes — that impact the lifetime value of every subscriber. Today’s business tools are frequently poorly suited to operating subscription businesses, and require significant effort to meet business needs. As a result, subscription companies are challenged to understand, measure and experiment with different levers that help them evolve their business model to maximize every subscriber’s lifetime value.

Nurego is a subscription business operations solution that responds to the challenges of operating a subscription business. Nurego was founded by a team of Tech industry veterans with deep experience of building and operating large SaaS, PaaS and IaaS subscription businesses. Nurego leverages technology incubated at leading innovators such as EMC and VMware, bringing the power of sophisticated subscription business operations automation to every subscription business.

The Team

harel kodesh HAREL KODESH CEO
ilia gilderman ILIA GILDERMAN VP Engineering
harinderpal hanspal HARINDERPAL (HANS) HANSPAL Chief Customer Officer
chris weitz CHRIS WEITZ Chief Strategy Officer
matthew weaver MATTHEW WEAVER Principal Software Engineer

We’re Hiring

We’re looking for great people for all positions: designers, developers, product management, marketing, sales, and support. In return, we offer generous benefits and, as an early employee, the opportunity to shape the company culture and the future of every subscription-based business. Introduce yourself and tell us what you would like to work on.

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Experience a free trial the moment Nurego goes Live